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Big Island Hawaii Drone Photography, Mapping & 3D Modeling

"You're not hiring us just to fly a drone - You're booking us to get the shots you need."

Attention site foremen and project planners: Don't waste money trying to save money when it comes to your Hawaii drone and aerial photography needs. Get it done right the first time by hiring a licensed, experienced, and local Hawaii drone pilot and photographer. Whether it's a marketing reel for land sales, Big Island Hawaii aerial shots for a commercial project, or 2 & 3D mapping and modeling for development, demolition, and surveying, we've got you covered.

We're local: When you. call us, you're not reaching out to a drone broker on the mainland who'll forward your job to an unknown and possibly unexperienced pilot. You'll personally talk to your pilot/photographer before finalizing plans to avoid wasting time and money on reshoots and reschedules. 

Dependability: We maintain a small fleet of photography drones, which means that your aerial video shoot will never be canceled due to technical difficulties with our equipment. 

Experience: Our FAA certified and insured UAS pilot has 8 years experience as a drone pilot and photographer. If your main concern is dependability and quality, combined with a fair rate, then we're probably the right company for you. This is why we've been hired to cover some of Hawaii Island's biggest construction, development, and demolition projects. 

3D Models and 2D Orthomosaic Images

Depending on the size of the property, FAA flight restrictions may prevent you from getting that "birds eye", overhead view you need for your project. However, with this specialized service, we can create a 3D model or 2D orthomosaic image with amazing detail, allowing you to see an overhead view of a large acreage of land in one shot.

Licensed. Experienced. Reliable - Big Island Drone Services


With our photogrammetry service, we can provide you with a 2D orthomosaic image of your entire site, or a 3D model of your site. Save money on site visits, track work progress, and monitor details from anywhere.


Take a look at the information you can get from our Big Island Hawaii drone photogrammetry service:

  • View your entire property in a single, detailed, rotating 3D image

  • *Take measurements from a detailed 2D orthomasiac image: count objects, and take a variety of measurements including volume, slope, distance, area, and elevation

  • Save time and money - Evaluate your site, tag issues, and collaborate with team members without the need for site visits

Save money on site visits, track work progress, monitor details from anywhere.

*Please note that these services are NOT intended to replace the need for a licensed surveyor. All measurements should be considered estimates.


Important Information About Big Island Drone Services

Don't cut corners! Did you know that FAA regulations require that any drone flight done for commercial purposes requires a licensed pilot in command on site? This means that it doesn't matter if your a homeowner selling your own property or an agent taking images yourself for a listing - A Part 107 UAS license is required for drone flight. The FAA can and does levy hefty fines if you're caught flying without a license.

Let us do a quick marketing reel for your property

A small investment to quicken a bigger return.

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